17 Members Initiated to the Davis Odd Fellows Lodge

On August 27, 2014, Davis Lodge #169 initiated the following 17 new members (8 men and 9 women) into the Order:

Kevin Cornell
Robert Dick
Beth Dovi
Bob Dovi
Michael Dufresne
Phyllis Himmel
Crystal Junge
Brett Lemke
Celine Livengood
Shannon McCall
Jeff Oblinger
Kathie Rose
Pat Rose
Donna Rutan
Janis Samms
Steve Wathen
Cathy Wilken

All 17 new Odd Fellows went through a six-month long process of learning about the Order and the Lodge, and getting to know the members, prior to initiation. Over 40 members of the Lodge, led by Noble Grand Lea Rosenberg, conducted the initiation. The new members range in age from 30 to 64. Their professions cover a wide spectrum including accountant, army officer, air quality inspector, bounty hunter, deputy district attorney, scientist, student and others.

The Davis Odd Fellows Lodge, one of the largest and most dynamic in North America, now has 230 members. The Davis Lodge conducts two initiations per year. The Lodge has already received 14 applications for membership for the next initiation in early 2015.

Front row seated on floor, left to right: Celine Livengood, Crystal Junge, Kevin Cornell, Janis Rosenberg

Standing, left to right: Bob Dovi, Pat Rose, Donna Rutan, Cathy Wilken, Beth Dovi, Mike Dufresne, Shannon McCall, Steve Wathen, Noble Grand Lea Rosenberg, Brett Lemke, Phyllis Himmel, Jeff Oblinger, Robert Dick.


Davis Odd Fellows Classic Film Festival Returns in November

Classic Western Film Festival Poster 20140711The first Odd Fellows Classic Film Festival last February proved so popular, the Odd Fellows will do it again.

The Odd Fellows Classic Film Festival will return on three successive Sundays this November.   On November 9, 16 and 23, the Davis Odd Fellows Lodge will host three classic examples of the cinema arts – this time featuring classic American Westerns.  The American Western is the unique invention and product of Hollywood, and the genre continues to be popular to this day.  The three classic films will be shown at the Davis Odd Fellows Lodge Hall, Lower Hall, on the Lodge’s big screen – doors will open at 6:30 p.m. and showtime is 7:00 p.m.

Well-known and respected Davis Enterprise film critic Derrick Bang will be on hand to introduce each film, and provide the back story that film aficionados appreciate.

The Classic Film Fest will kick off on November 9 with one of the all-time classic Westerns, Stagecoach.   This 1939 film was directed by the legendary John Ford.  It stars Claire Trevor, Andy Devine, John Carradine, and in his starring film debut – John Wayne.  That first panning close up of Wayne in this movie is iconic – once you see it, you won’t forget it.  This film follows a group of strangers on a stagecoach through Apache country, traveling to Lordsburg.    Viewers will witness plenty of character development and plenty of action in this film.

On November 16, the Classic Film Fest features The Treasure of the Sierra Madre.   This “neo-Western” and adventure film stars Humphrey Bogart in an unusual casting, moving into paranoia and insanity as the film progresses.  Released in 1948, the film was one of the first to be shot outside the United States, in Mexico “on location”.  The movie includes gold, greed, Banditos, Federales, and more.  And the film takes some twists and turns, some expected and some surprising.

The final screening, on November 23, will feature the quirky comedy-Western Cat Ballou.    Released in 1965, this classic film stars Jane Fonda in the title role, as well as Lee Marvin, who received an Oscar at the Academy Awards presentation for “Best Actor”.  The film includes gunfighters, ranchers, train robbers, outlaws, and Western justice.

The classic movies presented by the Davis Odd Fellows Lodge are a public service to support the history of cinema.  The public is cordially invited to these classic screenings.  Admission is free, but donations at the door to benefit community and charitable groups are gratefully accepted.   The Odd Fellows will also have popcorn, candy, soft drinks, wine and beer available for attendees at reasonable prices.

The Davis Odd Fellows Classic Film Festival is run by a Classic Film Festival Committee chaired by Dave Rosenberg, and including Lea Rosenberg, Juelie and Kurt Roggli, Robin Dewey, Rene Martucci and Richard Urbino, Beth and Bob Dovi, and Joel Mandel.

50 Million Step Challenge Update

A few months ago, Dave Rosenberg challenged the Lodge to “walk  completely around Planet Earth”.  He challenged the Lodge, collectively, to walk 50 million steps – that is the equivalent of  25,000 miles, or approximately once around the earth at the Equator.  Dave asked Lodge members to keep track of their steps using pedometers, or fit-bits, or other step recording devices.  Sharla Cheney volunteered to keep track of the steps, and participants e-mail Sharla – typically once each week – with their total counts.  This challenge was made in good fun, but also as a way to promote good health.

The Lodge started with 50 Odd Fellows, Pledges and family members participating in the “50 million Step Challenge”.  Since that time, the number of participants has dwindled to about half that number.  Some report their steps to Sharla on regular basis, and Sharla has designated those regular participants as winners of the “Tenacity Awards”.  A few others report their steps sporadically.  The #1 leader in steps (with over 3 million) is Tim Carroll; Pledge Kathy Rose is #2 with over 2 million steps; and her husband Pledge Pat Rose is #3 with just a shade 
under 2 million steps; Juelie Roggli is #4 with over 1.6 million steps; and Bill Grabert is right behind at #5 with over 1.5 million steps. Several other participants are very close behind.

Winners of the Tenacity Awards are:

Tim Carroll
Ann Carroll
Sharla Cheney
Landy Black
Beth Dovi
Bob Dovi
Bill Grabert
Mary Mallory Rogers
Joel Mandel
Peter Pascoe
Juelie Roggli
Kathy Rose
Pat Rose
Dave Rosenberg
Lea Rosenberg
Chuck White
Diane Wilkinson

Total step count as of August 18, 2014 was 26,511,585.  We are over half way to our goal of 50,000,000 steps!

As we go into the final laps of our step count, we would WELCOME new participants (or welcome back original participants who got distracted).  Just send your weekly step count to Sharla Cheney at shcheney@gmail.com.  Help the Davis Lodge walk around the Earth.

Odd Fellows Club Night – Every Thursday

OddFellowsClubNightSmEvery Thursday evening, the Davis Odd Fellows Lodge opens its doors to members, applicants, and their friends and family, for some relaxing social time.  The bar is open, dinner is available for those who wish to partake, the big-screen television is on, table games are available, a Wii is often set up for those who want a video game challenge, lounge chairs are set up, and participants just have a good time.    An activity is always scheduled – sometimes its trivia night, poker night, charades, bunco, karaoke.  This weekly endeavor is called “Club Night at the Lodge” and its organized by the Davis Lodge’s Good Fellowship Committee.

Recently, during poker night the big winner was Noble Grand Lea Rosenberg (pictured next to her loot) and surrounded by the other players at her table.  Who knew Lea was such a card shark?

If you haven’t visited “Club Night at the Lodge”, you don’t know what you are missing.  Come by on Thursday evenings between 5 and 8 p.m.