50 Million Step Challenge

The 50 Million Step Challenge is alive and well.  We have collectively walked over 8 Million steps to date!

However, we have a problem.  When we started this venture, we had 51 members and pledges signed up to report their steps once each week to Sharla Cheney (who is keeping track).   That number of 51 has dwindled and diminished to just 16.  That won’t cut it.

We need more volunteers to keep walking and to keep track of their steps.  If we have 50 volunteers we can get this accomplished this year.  50 Million steps is a lot – it’s 25,000 miles or once around the earth at the equator!

All you need is a pedometer or a fitbit.  You can buy one at Big 5 Sporting Goods, CVS, Target and lots of other places.  Just report your steps once each week to Sharla at shcheney@gmail.com.   It’s that simple.

This is great challenge which will generate a lot of PR for our Lodge – plus it’s healthy!!!  We all need to walk more.

So . . .  do we have some more volunteers?

You Might Be A Good Odd Fellow If…

Julie Machado, Sycamore Lodge #129, and one of the real spark plugs to the resurgence and progress of that Lodge, recently wrote to me and challenged me to write an article on “what makes a good Odd Fellow”. I accept the challenge!

Here is my list of 25 (gotta be an “odd” number) qualities that, at least from my perspective, make a good Odd Fellow. If you have suggestions, please feel free to send ‘em in!

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Tickets on sale for Breakfast with the Bunny

Breakfast With The Bunny at the Davis Odd Fellows LodgeTickets are now on sale for the annual “Breakfast with the Bunny.” Tickets may be purchased only at Avid Reader Active in Downtown Davis and at Common Grounds in South Davis. Only 200 tickets are available at $10 each, for adults and children. All children must be accompanied at Breakfast with the Bunny by a responsible adult.

“Over the years, Breakfast with the Bunny has proven to be a very popular event in Davis,” said event Co-chair Lea Rosenberg. “And this year we have added some new features and attractions – an egg hunt and a children’s carnival. Tickets go fast, and it’s first come, first served.”

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Standing Room Only!

For those of you who did not attend Thursday Live! last night at the Lodge, we had a record setting crowd to celebrate and participate in the Tribute to the late Pete Seeger. A number of musicians performed Pete Seeger songs and talked about their memories of him and his influence, including Odd Fellows David Hafter, Kurt Roggli with Biscuit and Honey (or gravy), and Barry Melton. The musicians ranged from teenagers to seniors in age. The crowd joined in with many of the songs. It was an uplifting experience.

Donations were collected and donated to the RISE program. Several students who participate in their Success Mentoring Program in Winters were in attendance and briefly spoke about their experience.

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